Dear wonderful customers,

Here at Forager’s Nest it’s been a delight and great privilege to share the beautiful works of our local and Australian Artists. We were excited to add clothing to our range this year.

In November we hosted the launch for Glory, Time & Place, the latest collaboration between the printmakers at Tiwi Designs and local designer Ossom.

We have also received more stock from the very talented Jenny Stuart who reworks treasured embroideries into beautiful and wearables and useful bags.

We will be taking a short break from Christmas Eve until Saturday, January 14, when we return with even more beautiful gifts for giving and workshops to inspire a creative 2023.

Until then, we still have lots of wonderful handmade items for those last minute gifts, including

new small decorative panels from Red Banksia and so many ceramics, we needed to add another shelf!

We wish you every good wish for continued success and a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season. Merry Christmas from the team!

Bettina, Eloise, and Natalie

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